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  > Tips and advice on how to use hostels in your travels

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How much do I budget for ?
Depending on a whole manner of things and of your travel choices you can expect to have quite a comfortable trip where you eat and sleep well, with local transport and some sightseeing included for approx. 50 Euros per day.
Obviously this can vary greatly bearing in mind this budget needs to accommodate other hidden costs such as exchange rates, unforeseen medical expenses, supplements and reservations that have become compulsory on most international rail train trips.

What train passes are available?
Eurail, Eurailpass, Inter-Rail/EuroStar passes are obtainable online or through your travel agent. While these are all varied from unlimited / global tickets to 5 - 15 days travel within 2 months etc., separate tickets from each country for example Swiss Pass, French Pass, Italian Pass are also available and definitely worth looking into.
Tickets with limitations can restrict the spontaneity of your trip so be mindful of this when buying a ticket.

Other things you need to be aware of are :
Even with most prearranged tickets, reservations and some supplements do apply on most international trains and high-class national trains. For example in Switzerland and Germany particularly, the quality of train travel is very, very high and you do get what you pay for even although it can be expensive. This is where a Eurail for example is very

Be respectful of your fellow traveller and your friendly hosts by not doing what you wouldn't do at home i.e. Washing jocks and socks in kitchen or bathroom sinks. Using noisy beauty appliances at odd hours of the day or night.

Save on the weight of your luggage with thrifty tips like these:

● Chamomile tea bags infused in hot water make for a good skin toner/moisturizer, hair conditioner etc.

● The "one on and one in the wash" rule applies to everything, because the "just in case extras" will always stay just in the case, so why carry them. Just leave them at home.

●Buy a wallet that is worth a dollar put some local coins in it, put this in your pocket, for the pickpockets. Keeping all other valuables in your money belt close to your skin. Either under your arm or around your waist. The one-dollar wallet also gives you quick access to coins and small money you might need in a hurry without digging into your money belt when in public.

●Try not to travel with designer labels as this leads to total misery should they be lost or stolen.

●Thrift shop bargains are great to travel with, easy to replace and will add to your exciting memoirs. This includes bargain sunglasses, watches and clothing. Remember all countries have thrift shops so replacements and upgrades are cheap and easy.
To find a hostel simply search our database - click here

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